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Common fuel injection equipment questions

What should I look for/ask when purchasing fuel injection equipment

  1. Is the company an authorised service agent for the product you are supplying?
  2. Do they have the necessary test equipment and trained technicians to service the product?
  3. If the product is a ‘reconditioned’ unit which parts if any do you replace during this process and what warranty do I have?
  4. Are the parts fitted genuine OE parts or none genuine copy parts?

Here at FDS we can confidently answer these questions.

Do I need to have an exchange pump or injector?

Whilst a service exchange product may work where time is an issue sometimes an examination/report/test and repair option may be more cost effective. We can arrange to collect your pump or injector and give you a report before buying authorising a repair or reconditioned unit. For older technology repairs are the preferred route for many of our customers.

How can I identify and order my pump or injector?

FDS are happy to work from car/LCV registration numbers to try and identify diesel pumps and injectors. In the vast majority of cases the part numbers shown are accurate however due to the technical nature of the product it should not be wholly relied on. For this reason FDS always will look to suggest the part number listed so that the customer can check the part number of the old units removed.

As a consequence we would always request part numbers from the old unit. Where there is ambiguity we would prefer not to supply a product for it to later return as incorrect.

Unfortunately there is no commercial vehicle registration look up so we would require the Bosch/Delphi/Denso number or OE manufacturer part number.


How do unsuitable fuels affect fuel injection equipment?

Fuel quality is vital to any diesel fuel system. The fuel not only lubricates the reciprocating parts but also is used to cool the pumps and injectors on high pressure injection systems.

The use of Bio fuels and other types of alternate diesel fuel should be seriously considered before use in any diesel vehicle. The consequences of incorrect fuel can be catastrophic and may invalidate the warranty supplied by the manufacturer of the fuel injection system; additionally the quality of fuel used directly affects the fuel economy of your vehicle and the longevity of the fuel injection equipment.

In extreme cases injectors can last minutes if run on dirty fuel, that with water or oil in, petrol or very high bio content. On the vehicle this may show itself as smoking, non-start, misfires; on the test bench there may be limited or no-delivery or reduced fueling even the though the nozzle may be days old. In all cases warranty will be rejected by the OE supplier.

Click here to see a download which shows the effects of differing fuels on components in distributor pumps. Although these pumps are quite old now, the effects of the fuel on common rail systems, PD and VP style fuel pumps are very similar.

Fitting procedures

The correct fitting of pumps and injectors is critical to the short and long-term performance of the product supplied. For example fitting common rail injectors require critically clean environments, spotlessly clean diesel, replacements high pressure pipes and quality re-coding equipment. Failure to clean out bore areas for injectors may lead to incorrect seating leading to combustion gases and fuel passing the seating washer. This will cause running issues and lead to carbon build-up around the injector.

Depending on the technology being worked on certain exacting procedures should be followed i.e. Bosch PD injectors, Delphi common rail injectors, Bosch VP pumps etc.

Poor fitting may damage pumps/injector very quickly; poor fitting causes the damage which is then diagnosed as “warranty” of the product. In 99% of all cases this is shown as rejected warranty.

Payment terms

We accept Visa and Mastercard payments, cash, cheque and bank transfers.  Payment is required in full before despatch or on delivery of goods if delivery is by our vehicles.  You can apply for a credit account with us by filling out a credit application form and returning to us.  Click here to download an application form.