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Core/old unit/surcharge returns

Reconditioned service exchange or new pump and injectors are sold on the expectation that a “failed” old unit is returned from the vehicle it has just been removed from. The success of the partnership with our customers relies on core returns and the understanding that poor quality core or the wrong core is not acceptable.

If we supply reconditioned part number A we expect old unit part number A in return. It is your responsibility to check before return that these match. On receipt of your old core at FDS we may contact to discuss discrepancies or damage which may lead to partial or full loss of surcharge.

If in doubt please call us to discuss before returning your old units.

Unless by prior arrangement it is our policy to only accept returns up to 90 days after purchase of new/reconditioned exchange units. After this date units will not be credited.

Click here to see examples of core surcharge criteria:

A Bosch core criteria CR pumps
K Bosch core criteria Solenoid
B Bosch core criteria CR Injectors
C Bosch core criteria VE pumps
D Bosch core criteria PD
E Bosch core criteria ECU
F Bosch core criteria EUI
G Bosch core criteria EUP
H Bosch core criteria IMV
I Bosch core criteria Mech injectors
J Bosch core criteria pump housing

Returns criteria and handling charges

In the event that you have purchased a new or reconditioned product from FDS you have up to 14 days to return it for credit in an un-used and un-fitted condition. Postage charges may apply together with a re-stocking charge of typically 15% of the value of the sale (excluding surcharges). Please do not assume that it has not been fitted even if you are told so. Please check and discuss with us before returning.

To assist with this from March 2017 all FDS product is now fitted with security tags; if the pump or injector is returned to you with this missing it has been fitted! FDS can’t re-sell a fitted product and may have to recondition. In this case we can’t take the unit back for re-stocking.

As part of our quality procedures we also engrave/etch reconditioned and new products to assist in identification.


All reconditioned FDS product carries a 12 month warranty. This warranty covers issues relating to FDS workmanship and material defects around parts fitted. For the avoidance of doubt it does not cover wear and tear particularly around injectors. Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens VDO do not warrant nozzles that fail due to wear and tear. (See also unsuitable fuels and fitting procedures sections).

In the event that you consider a warranty case may exist in the first instance please make contact with FDS by telephone (preferably) or by email. At this point depending on the nature of the fault, the part number of the unit etc. an immediate decision may be taken to supply a replacement unit pending return of the “deemed warranty” unit.

Under no circumstances should a replacement unit be ordered on the expectation that a no-quibble warranty will be given. A replacement unit may be ordered however until the “deemed warranty” unit is received, examined and tested at FDS no assumptions should be made. In the event of a rejection the “deemed warranty” unit can be returned to the customer, used as an old surcharge core or forwarded to the OE supplier for independent assessment if required.

FDS monitor rigorously through BS 9001 any returns and of these only a fraction result in genuine warranty claims for parts to our OE supplier. The vast majority result in rejections, chargeable re-repairs or goodwill.

Understanding diagnostic reports & charges

Feather Diesel Services carry out a diagnostic inspection of vehicles which cost an initial £75 plus VAT charge. Typically this will take 1.0 > 1.5 hours. You can wait whilst we carry out this work or leave the vehicle with us. Before working on the vehicle we need to know your complaint, i.e. lack of power, black smoking, misfire, poor starting etc.

During this diagnostic inspection we will;

  • Read and explain any fault codes present in the vehicle
  • Where possible delete codes
  • Carry out basic mechanical checks including leak back checks on injectors
  • Carry out basic electrical checks on the fuel pump where possible
  • Assess general condition of the vehicle including where practical condition of engine
  • Road test the vehicle (with customer if required) to replicate faults

This initial inspection may confirm your suspicions and/or rule in or rule out other issues. Regardless of what we find the £75 plus VAT is payable.

After this initial diagnostic we may advise that more in-depth work is required to confirm faults which may entail;

  • Removal of pump/injectors for testing
  • Compression testing of engine
  • Removal of cylinder head
  • Other faults

At this point we will advise on likely costs and seek your authorisation.

Pumps and injectors also left for testing will have test/examination fees. In the event that we quote for, but do not repair, these charges will stand. If you wish to leave the un-repaired pumps/injectors FDS will discuss waiving the test/examination charges and keeping the old units (subject to part number). As a default position any pumps/injectors which have been in our Workshop for over 90 days, which have been quoted/reported on but not authorised, will be retained for FDS core stock/scrapped as appropriate. This will be for part/full payment against testing/inspection charges.

Please speak to a member of the team if you require further information.